wiring diagrams

Wiring Connections

Bipolar and Unipolar Operation

Lin Engineering step motors are available with either 2-coil Bipolar, or 4-coil Unipolar windings. Bipolar motors have 4 leads, while unipolar motors have 6 leads. Additionally, some motors are designed with 8 leads, so they may be connected in a variety of ways.

Connection Instructions

By following a series of easy steps, the below charts can be used to properly connect your motor to your drive.

  1. Determine how many lead wires your motor has 4, 6, or 8 wires. Locate the proper box below.
  2. Next, examine the color code of the lead wires on your motor; find the row of colors that match your wires, this is your “color code”. You will have either Code 1, Code 2, or Code 3. For example, if you have 4 wires and the wires are Red, Blue, Green, Black, your color code is 1.
  3. Next, connect the proper color to the appropriate terminal on your drive. If you have a Bipolar drive, the terminal on your drive will be labeled A, A-, B, B-.

For example , if using the above 4 wire motor with color code 1, the Red wire would be connected to A, Blue connected to A, Green connected to B, and Black connected to B.

If you have a Unipolar drive, the terminal will be labeled A, B, C, D and A/C Common, B/D Common (or comm)

  • s1
    Indicates that the particular wire is not connected to the drive.
  • s2
    Indicates that two particular wires are connected to each other, but not the driver.
  • s3
    Indicates that two particular wires are connected to each other, and then connected to the indicated terminal on the drive. In this example, two wires are connected together, then both wired to terminal A on the drive.
Wiring 4 lead Wires
Wiring 6 lead Wires
Wiring 8 lead Wires
Wiring BLDC
4 wires
6 wires
8 wires